Books That Play round-up
Don’t Miss Any of the Summer’s Books That Play

We don’t know about you, but our earbuds have been working overtime this summer with the amount of audiobooks we’ve been listening to. Books have gone everywhere with us: from the beach, to the campsite, to our own backyards, the stories we just couldn’t press pause on were along for the ride.

We had so much fun trying new things and adding audiobooks into our old favorite summer activities–so much so that we’ll be listening to Books That Play all year long, and we hope you will too.

Audiobooks for Hanging Out in the Hammock

Audiobooks for Hanging in the Hammock

Indulge in the serenity of summer while you can with books that make lovely accompaniments to soaking in the warm breeze.

Wade in the Water

Wade in the Water: Three Audiobooks That Float

We have all the audiobooks you’ll need for a say in the waves, whether you want to keep it dreamy with an easy-going romance, or add a little adrenaline to your float with a thriller.

Audiobooks to Accompany you in the Great Outdoors

Enjoy the chirping buzz of cicadas in the evergreens, then cozy up around the campfire to these 4 fantastic summer audiobooks.

Books that Play: Walk, Jog, Run

Stroll or Sprint: Audiobooks for Every Speed

Browse our recommendations to find your next audio companion for your turn about the town, whether you’re a stroller, a jogger, or a sidewalk sprinter.

Listen While You Picnic Prep

Get out your tupperware containers, cooler bag, picnic basket, ingredients, and your smartphone, because these four titles are perfect for drifting away while drilling through your picnic-prepping tasks.

Listen in the Garden

Whether you’re tending to a sprawling property, raised garden beds on your back patio, or perhaps an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, these audiobooks will serve as a welcome buzz in your ear.

Gotta hear ’em all? Check out all of our Books That Play posts, and keep the audio goodness going all year round.