Dreamy Summer
Dreamy Summer: Out of This World Fantasies on Audio

Dive into a fantastical story with these audiobooks that are out of this world and filled with mystical beings around every corner. Make your summer more magical with these dreamy titles that will sweep you into magical lands with dragons, irresistible vampires, flighty shapeshifters, and more.

In Soul Taken, Mercy Thompson is in search of the vampire Wulfe. He’s deadly, possibly insane, and his current idea of “fun” is stalking her; The farther Mercy follows Wulfe’s trail, the more twisted—and darker—the path becomes. She will need to figure out what’s going on before the next body on the ground is hers.

Author: Judy I. Lin
Read By: Nancy Wu and Joshua Chang

In A Venom Dark and Sweet,  Ning, a young but powerful shĂ©nnĂłng-shi—a wielder of magic using tea-making, has escorted Princess Zhen into exile. Joining them is the princess’ loyal bodyguard, Ruyi, and Ning’s newly healed sister, Shu. Together the four young women travel throughout the kingdom in search of allies to help oust invaders and take back Zhen’s rightful throne.

Dragons of Deceit

In Dragons of Deceit, Destina Rosethorn believes herself to be a favored child of destiny. But when her father dies in the War of the Lance, her world comes crashing down. To save her father, she hatches a bold plan—to go back in time and prevent his death. But to change time, she’ll need the most powerful and dangerous artifact ever created, which can alter the past and forever change the future.

The people suffer under the centuries-long rule of the Moon Throne. The royal family—the despotic emperor and his monstrous sons, the Three Terrors—hold the countryside in their choking grip. Jun and Keema, outcast warriors, shepherd an ancient god across a broken land to end the tyrannical reign of a royal family in this new epic fantasy. Both a sweeping adventure story and intimate exploration of identity, legacy, and belonging, The Spear Cuts Through Water is an ambitious and profound saga that will transport and transform you—and is like nothing you’ve ever listened to before.

“Lyrical, evocative, part poem, part prose—not to be missed by anyone, especially fans of historical fantasy and folktale.” —Kirkus Reviews

Author: Wesley Chu
Read By: Natalie Naudus

The Art of Prophecy begins like so many stories: with a prophecy. A chosen one. And the inevitable quest to slay a villain, save the kingdom, and fulfill a grand destiny. But this is not that kind of story. It does begin with a prophecy: a child will rise to defeat a cruel immortal god-king, and save the kingdom. And that prophecy anointed a hero, Jian, raised since birth in luxury and splendor, and celebrated before he won a single battle. But that’s when the story hits its first twist: The prophecy is wrong.

With an intimate yet cinematic scope, Dark Earth re-creates an ancient world steeped in myth and folklore and introduces us to unforgettable women who come to vibrant life A heart-in-mouth adventure full of moments of tenderness, this beautiful, profound audiobook about oppression and power puts a female perspective on a historical period dominated by men’s stories.

The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived alone, so she ventured out from the safety of the enchanted forest on a quest for others of her kind. Joined along the way by the bumbling magician Schmendrick and the indomitable Molly Grue, the unicorn learns all about the joys and sorrows of life and love before meeting her destiny. In The Last Unicorn, renowned and beloved novelist Peter S. Beagle spins a poignant tale of love, loss, and wonder.