Founding Fathers biographies on audio
Explore the Lives of Our Founding Fathers

The founding of America would not have been possible without the dedication, passion, and intelligence of our Founding Fathers—George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and, of course, Alexander Hamilton.

But how much do you know about them aside from the basic facts you learned in school? Dive into one of these substantial and educational yet entertaining audiobooks, which explore many facets of their lives.

Author: Ron Chernow
Read By: Scott Brick

“A truly gripping biography of George Washington… I can’t recommend it highly enough—as history, as epic, and, not least, as entertainment.” –The New Yorker
Listen to an excerpt Washington

Friends Divided
Author: Gordon S. Wood
Read By: James Lurie

“Beautifully written and with real insight into Jefferson and Adams, it’s a worthy addition to the canon, and yet another compelling book from Wood.” ‒NPR
Listen to an excerpt Friends Divided

The Loyal Son

“The author constructs a fast-paced, vivid narrative with a host of characters whose appearance and personality he etches with deft concision. . . . A perceptive, gritty portrayal of the frenzy of war and a father and son caught at its tumultuous center.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Listen to an excerpt The Loyal Son

The Three Lives of James Madison
Author: Noah Feldman
Read By: John H. Mayer

“Illuminating and absorbing . . . [Noah] Feldman’s deeply thoughtful study shows that the three identities of James Madison constituted one exceptional life, which effectively mirrored the evolving identity of the American republic in its most formative phase. In Feldman’s capable hands, Madison becomes the original embodiment of our ‘living Constitution.’” ‒The New York Times Book Review
Listen to an excerpt The Three Lives of James Madison

The Quartet

“In his customary graceful prose… [Ellis’s] portraits [show] his sure touch—highlighting Washington’s dignity, Hamilton’s energy, Madison’s learning and Jay’s diplomacy.” ‒The New York Times Book Review
Listen to an excerpt The Quartet

Alexander Hamilton
Author: Ron Chernow
Read By: Scott Brick

“Nobody has captured Hamilton better than Chernow.” ‒The New York Times Book Review
Listen to an excerpt Alexander Hamilton

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