June Beach Listens
Five Family Listens for a Fun-Filled Fourth

Pack up the popsicles and add audiobooks to your brood of Fourth of July daytrippers! With the latest in kid’s audios you can travel to Bangladesh while you’re headed to the beach, piece together puzzles while you take a dip in the pool, and even solve a mystery while you make sandwiches. The only thing your family won’t want to do is press pause.

Welcome back to Deckawoo Drive for a sixth installment in the companion series to Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson books. Frank Endicott is a worrier. Can Frank come to terms with a mystery without buckling under his mounting dread? With a little help from friends, hot cocoa, and short stories read aloud, the prognosis is good.

Author: Geoff Rodkey and Kevin Hart
Read By: Kevin Hart

Marcus is NOT happy to be stuck in after-school film class…until he realizes he can turn the story of the superhero he’s been drawing for years into an actual MOVIE! The laughs don’t stop in this audiobook written and read by superstar Kevin Hart.

“With its solid comic time and realistic sense of character and dialogue, this energetic love letter to the artistic process provides both practicality and encouragement.” –Publishers Weekly

Author: Jessica Brody
Read By: Suzy Jackson

A phone-obsessed twelve-year-old girl, frustrated by the cryptic boys in her life, discovers a magic app that can read boys’ thoughts in this modern-day retelling of Emma by Jane Austen.

Samira thinks of her life as before and after: before the violence in her village in Burma, and after her family was forced to flee. And now there’s before Samira saw the Bengali surfer girls, and after she decides she’ll become one. Samira Surfs is an audiobook in verse about the journey from isolation to sisterhood.

“[T]his novel shines a light on a subject rarely addressed in middle-grade fiction.” –Booklist