Listen While You Run
Five Mind-Racing Thrillers to Help Beat the Heat While You Exercise

We wait, and wait, and wait, for nice weather to arrive so we can get out there and get some good runs in, and then spring comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and suddenly it’s HOT. So how do you keep up your motivation? Audiobooks! With a fast-paced listen, you’ll forget all about the heat, and the miles will fly by. Here are five thrillers that will get your mind racing so fast, your feet will struggle to keep up!

Bring Her Home
Author: David Bell
Read By: Jon Lindstrom

Bill Price’s fifteen-year-old daughter has gone missing, and when she is found in a city park, beaten beyond recognition and barely hanging onto life, Bill struggles to deal with uncovering what happened, and the secrets revealed by his search. This breathtaking thriller, new from bestselling author David Bell, will keep you on your toes and pushing forward as the suspenseful plot thickens.
Listen to an excerpt BRING HER HOME

The Room of White Fire

Roland Ford is a private investigator with a background in the police force and military, and he’s good at what he does: find people. He’s put to the test when he must hunt down a soldier, damaged by war, who is dangerous and on the run. It’s a listen that will help you stay on the run as the miles tick by.
Listen to an excerpt THE ROOM OF WHITE FIRE

Crime Scene

This new novel by the father-son writing team is sure to get you out of bed each morning for your daily exercise as you speed through the investigation of a seemingly straightforward death that turns into quite a twisted mystery once Clay Edison takes a closer look. Listening to this novel will help you run faster than you’ve ever run before.
Listen to an excerpt CRIME SCENE

The Driver
Author: Hart Hanson
Read By: Ari Fliakos

This thriller is a debut novel from Hart Hanson, creator of the TV show Bones. Smart and suspenseful, the story surprises you with every turn, as Michael Skellig goes from being just a limo driver to being the only person who can stand between a killer and a victim.
Listen to an excerpt THE DRIVER

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