spring audiobook listens
Fresh Voices for Spring

Springtime means new beginnings and new growth. So why not try listening to one of these debut books by new authors?


The Barrowfields

Henry grows up in a small Appalachian town under the writing desk of his fiercely brilliant father. But when tragedy tips his father toward a fearsome unraveling, what was once a young son’s reverence is poisoned, and Henry flees, not to return until years later, when he too must go home again.
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The Lucky Ones

A prismatic tale of a group of characters who emerge and recede throughout the novel and touch one another’s lives in ways even they cannot comprehend, The Lucky Ones captures the intensity of life in Colombia as paramilitaries, guerrillas, and drug traffickers tear the country apart.
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Bleaker House
Author: Nell Stevens
Read By: Nell Stevens

A girl, a laptop, and a waddle of penguins. In this witty, genre-defying memoir, a young writer can travel anywhere she wants to finally finish her novel—and ends up on a frozen island at the bottom of the world.
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Taduno's Song

The day a stained brown envelope is delivered from his homeland, Taduno knows that the time has come to return from exile. He soon discovers that his girlfriend has been abducted and his people no longer recognize him: he must unravel the mystery of his lost life and find his lost love.
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