Full-Cast Audiobooks and a Flavor-Full Meal

We know you’re hungry! Don’t be afraid to go back for seconds of the full-of-flavor Kashmiri Lamb Yakhni from Chaat and these full-of-narrators audiobooks.

Pair this meal that combines herbs, spices, and tangy yogurt with full-cast audio productions to feel like you’re hosting the world’s most delicious (and entertaining) dinner party:

The traveling love rally called Together Live brought together diverse storytellers for epic evenings. Now, off the stage and through your speakers comes Hungry Hearts, in which sixteen of the beloved speakers from Together Live offer moving, inspiring, deeply personal essays as a reminder that we can heal from grief and that divisions can be repaired.

Inspired by a classic Edith Wharton novella about a strained marriage in a small town, The Smash-Up is at once an intimate, moving portrait of a family in distress, a vivid examination of our roiling national rancor, and a powerful exploration of how the things we fail to notice can shatter a family, a community, and a nation.

Sophia knows her daughter and granddaughter are in trouble. In Our Italian Summer, among the ruins of ancient Rome, the small churches of Assisi, and the rolling hills of Tuscany, Sophia hopes to show her girls that the bonds of family are everything, and to remind them that they can always lean on one another.

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