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Fun Family Listens for a Fantastic Spring Break

School’s out! Whether your family is loading up the car to get out of dodge or catching some sun in the local park, we’ve got the listens that will turn any spring break into an adventure. Join the family band with Marley, go on a high-flying journey with Milo, solve mysteries with Edie and MJ, and so much more–all through the power of audiobooks.

Making people laugh is Jack Reynolds’s life’s work. The only problem is, for the truly epic social media posts Jack is aiming for, he needs a collaborator. And he doesn’t exactly have any friends. Jack thinks maybe someone in the new school club, Speed Friendshipping, could help him achieve internet fame… or even become a true friend. But what will it cost him to go viral? Find out in Confessions of a Class Clown.

Everyone’s favorite knight-in-training is back in The Tower of Time! Max’s twin is public enemy number one, and it’s up to the Midknights to find her before time runs out! But dangers loom, including a ruthless king–or two. Can Max and her band of loyal friends unlock the mystery of her past?

When Marley and her family move from Jamaica to Delaware, she’s got the perfect plan to make friends: an outdoor concert for the whole neighborhood! But when weather ruins their plans, she discovers help in the most unlikely places. In Marley and the Family Band, inspired by her childhood and iconic father, Cedella Marley assures children that nothing can stop the music as long as they have community.

Brought to the flying city of Highgate when he was only five years old, Milo Quick has never known another home. He survives one daredevil grift at a time, relying only on his wit, speed, and best friends. But behind locked doors lies a centuries old secret…one that may ignite a war on Highgate. True friendship is worth any risk in the clever, heart-racing Children of the Flying City.

Ever since Bo and her mom moved to Harlem, Bo’s world has fallen out of sync. She and Mum are now living with Mum’s boyfriend Bill, his daughter, the twins, the twins’ parents…and so many pets! All in one brownstone! With so many people squished together, Bo isn’t so sure there is room for her. In Operation Sisterhood, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich delivers a story about a new family that hits all the right notes.

In the second installment of the Word Travelers series, best friends Edie and MJ are throwing their annual costume party…but this year they’ll also magically travel to Mexico and find themselves in the middle of DĂ­a de los Muertos celebrations to discover that a secret mole recipe has been stolen! Travel along and crack the case with the BFFs in The Missing Mexican Mole.

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