Girls Transform the World

Some of our most exciting stories are the product of young women banding together. To celebrate Women’s History Month, here is a round-up featuring our favorite listens about unstoppable girls.

Keralie Corrington is a talented pickpocket. When a routine theft goes horribly wrong, Keralie discovers she’s intercepted instructions to murder the kingdom of Quadara’s queens. Hoping that discovering the intended recipient will reveal information she can barter with, Keralie teams up with Varin Bollt, the messenger she stole from, to complete his delivery and uncover the would-be murderer. But with Keralie and Varin each keeping secrets–and the lives of the queens hanging in the balance–everything is at stake, and no one can be trusted.

Author: Ally Condie
Read By: Sophie Amoss

Poe and her true love, Call, crave the chance to live in the untamed wilderness beyond the Settlement’s walls. Hopeful for a taste of freedom, they take jobs on the river dredge–a hulking beast of a ship that claws its way across river bottoms in search of gold. But all their dreams are shattered the night Raiders board their dredge and murder Call. Soon, her only driving force is the destruction of those who killed him. Poe becomes the architect of a stronger dredge, outfitted with savage defense systems that will slaughter any Raiders who attempt to board. When she’s asked to lead the next voyage, Poe is confident her defenses will not fail. What she is less sure of is herself. With possible traitors in her midst, Poe begins to suspect that she might not survive this voyage.

The Kaiser killed Theodosia’s mother, the Fire Queen, when Theo was only six. He took her home country of Astrea and kept her as a prisoner for ten years, crowning her with the humiliating title Ash Princess. Now, Theo is free and has taken back her rightful title.With the help of her aunt, who has secured a way to gain an army, Queen Theodosia plans to liberate her people and secure her throne. But it will mean marrying, which is something an Astrean Queen has never done. And Theois determined to find another way.

Author: Sam Maggs
Read By: Sam Maggs

A modern girl is nothing without her squad of besties. But don’t let all the hashtags fool you: the #girlsquad goes back a long, long time. In this hilarious and heartfelt audiobook, geek girl Sam Maggs takes you on a tour of some of history’s most famous female BFFs, including Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the infamous lady pirates who sailed the seven seas and The Edinburgh Seven, the band of pals who fought to become the first women admitted to medical school in the United Kingdom. Spanning art, science, politics, activism, and even sports, these girl squads show just how essential female friendship has been throughout history and throughout the world.

Despite making huge contributions to the social change movements of the last century and today, all of these trailblazers come from backgrounds and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated including women, people of color, queer people, trans people, Muslims, and young people. Authored by rising star activist Blair Imani, Modern HERstory tells the important stories of these leaders and their movements in an easy-to-follow format appropriate for all ages, granting them the visibility and acknowledgment they deserve, and educating listeners about the people changing the world right here and right now–and inspiring them to do the same.

Even by 1800s standards, Ada Byron Lovelace had an unusual upbringing. Her strict mother worked hard at cultivating her own role as the long-suffering ex-wife of bad-boy poet Lord Byron while raising Ada in isolation. Tutored by the brightest minds, Ada developed a hunger for mental puzzles, mathematical conundrums, and scientific discovery that kept pace with the breathtaking advances of the industrial and social revolutions taking place in Europe. At seventeen, Ada met eccentric inventor Charles Babbage, a kindred spirit. Their ensuing collaborations resulted in ideas and concepts that presaged computer programming by almost two hundred years, and Ada Lovelace is now recognized as a pioneer and prophet of the information age.