Have GOOD CLEAN FUN with Nick Offerman

If you’ve read Nick Offerman’s first book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, you know that the man loves woodworking. With his third and newest title, Good Clean Fun, Nick Offerman shares stories from the Offerman Woodshop, personal experiences about his own journey in woodworking, and some life lessons he has picked up along the way—as well as instructions on how to make some of their popular pieces. An audiobook edition bonus? Five original songs created and performed by Nick Offerman and Jeff Tweedy.

Even if you have never been interested in woodworking, listening to Nick Offerman engagingly talk about his passion makes it a delightful and interesting topic. Not only does he explain the types of tools you need to learn woodworking, but he also peppers the entire book with anecdotes about the people in his shop and the people in the woodworking field that have inspired him. Overall, some of the most appealing aspects of woodworking that emerge from Offerman’s stories are the problem solving skills and collaborations that can come out of shaping a piece of wood into something useful or artistic.

At one point, he says, “No matter where a body grew up, one can find a happy and productive career in the realm of making things with one’s hands.” Indeed, listening to Good Clean Fun will inspire you to delve into whatever your art or craft of choice is—and maybe even pick up a new woodworking hobby.

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Hear a clip of Good Clean Fun: Good Clean Fun