Wine and cocktail pairings
Good Spirits: Audiobooks for Your Drink of Choice

It is always a happy hour when you have an audiobook in your ears and a glass in your hand.

From fun and well-balanced, to strong and stiff, pair your wine or cocktail of choice with the below audiobooks to get into the listening spirit.

If Champagne is your drink, listen to Drunk in Love

This intoxicating and sparkling new romance by New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Guillory is a lighthearted, seductive love story set in the work place. And guess what? That “office” is a winery! Drunk on Love’s fun and passionate storyline pairs perfectly with a glass or two of champagne.

If a Bloody Mary is your drink, listen to Crying in the Bathroom

Crying in the Bathroom gives you that post-confessional high that comes from talking for hours with your best friend over brunch. Like the complex Bloody Mary, this memoir is the much-needed next day remedy for dealing with the complicated nature of being human. And I will continue to stand by that crying in public and Bloody Marys are both healthy!

If Riesling is your drink, listen to Declassified

Riesling and classical music get bad reps. Riesling can be written off as cheap, one-dimensional, and incredibly sweet, but it is actually extremely difficult to make, high-quality, and contains no added sugar. In Declassified, Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch cheekily demystifies the world of classical music and blows through the cobwebs of elitism and exclusion. Pair Declassified with a delicious cold glass of Riesling and let go of your judgements.

If a spicy margarita is your drink, listen to Mexican Gothic

Spicy, yet classic. Mexican Gothic has all the qualities of the traditional haunted mansion trope, but with a fabulously sassy and defiantly headstrong female protagonist, Noemí. She rejects all the 1950s social norms — she’s young and single, flirts, smokes cigarettes, and does not take no for an answer. Pair Mexican Gothic with a spicy margarita for a far-from-boring night.

If an espresso martini is your drink, listen to Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Just like the effects of an espresso martini, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is energizing and impossible to put down! This multi-layered and thought-provoking novel about friendship, love, and video games will make you want to stay up all night listening under the covers. Pair it with an espresso martini and you can definitely power through the 14 hours you need to finish this entertaining audiobook.

If cabernet sauvignon is your drink, listen to Hamnet

Like an aged cabernet sauvignon, anything Shakespeare related just gets better with age! I, for one, did not love Shakespeare in high school, but I find his stories enjoyable now. Pair Hamnet with your favorite glass of cabernet sauvignon and enjoy a rich and full-bodied retelling of the little-known story behind Shakespeare’s most enigmatic play, Hamlet.

If a negroni is your drink, listen to The Great Believers

The negroni is a serious drink and not a cocktail that sugarcoats its alcohol content, like the mojito or Long Island iced tea. Its bitterness is a taste you have to acquire, but its coloring and orange slice make it inviting. Same can be said about The Great Believers. It’s intense and profoundly moving, and pairs perfectly with this sipper of a drink.