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Great Listens for National Dog Week

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. The bond that canines share with humans is one that can’t be found with many other animal species. To celebrate this beloved pet, the last week of September is National Dog Week.

Celebrate your own furry friend by listening to one of these interesting and heartwarming audiobooks.

The Grace of Dogs
Author: Andrew Root
Read By: Will Damron

Dr. Andrew Root draws on biology, history, theology, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), and paleontology to trace how, in our mutual evolution, humans and dogs have helped each other become more fully themselves.
Listen to an excerpt The Grace of Dogs

Secret Service Dogs

United States Secret Service canine teams risk their lives to safeguard the president and vice president and their families, visiting heads of state, and a host of others. Unprecedented access to these heroic dog teams has allowed a fascinating first-time-ever look at a very special breed of heroes.
Listen to an excerpt Secret Service Dogs

The Genius of Dogs

Brian Hare, dog researcher, evolutionary anthropologist, and founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, and Vanessa Woods offer revolutionary new insights into dog intelligence and the interior lives of our smartest pets.
Listen to an excerpt The Genius of Dogs

What a Difference a Dog Makes

A short, tender, and uplifting tale of a cancer survivor and the life lessons shared with him by his beloved family dog.
Listen to an excerpt What a Difference a Dog Makes