Hanukkah Audiobooks for Kids
Hanukkah Audiobooks to Light Up the Season

This year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of December 18th and continues for eight nights of candle-lit family gatherings, games, the celebration of miracles…and the celebration of miracle-adjacent fried foods (latkes, jelly doughnuts, more latkes). Books and audiobooks can help you share the story of Hanukkah with little ones, or in the case of a couple of our picks below, bring joy to teens looking for a holiday escape. As the story of Hanukkah has a rich oral tradition passed from generation to generation, listening together as a family can be an especially joyful way to honor the Festival of Lights.

Waiting is hard, especially when you’re a kid waiting for Hanukkah to begin. Learn the meaning behind the holiday with this new edition of a Step 2 reader, adapted for audio. Kids will recognize their favorite songs, games, and traditions in this listen that captures the joy and warmth of the Festival of Lights.

Here’s another great pick for sharing the traditions of Hanukkah with preschoolers—eating latkes, spinning dreidels, exchanging gifts, and lighting the menorah. They’ll also learn the story behind the holiday—from the destruction of the Temple and the bravery of the Maccabees to the miracle of that little bit of oil that lasted for eight nights.

Sixteen-year-old Shira Barbanel is on a mission to find the perfect boyfriend this Hanukkah. The only problem? She’s an absolute disaster when it comes to flirting. Amidst a whirl of snowy adventures, hot chocolate, and candlelight, Shira must learn to trust her heart in this charming winter romcom from the author of The Summer of Lost Letters.

In Dreidels on the Brain, it’s Hanukkah, 1971, and Joel is the only Jewish student at Bixby School, where his attempts to make himself disappear fail spectacularly. Home is no better, with a family that’s not just embarrassing but flat-out broke. That’s why Joel’s betting everything on these eight nights, armed with his favorite jokes, some choice Yiddish words, and a suitcase full of magic tricks.

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