THE HOPEFULS: When Marriage, Ambition, and Politics Mix

Following the lives of a young couple’s years in (and out of) Washington D.C., The Hopefuls, written by Jennifer Close, examines marriage and the ways in which ambition shapes it.

Matt and Beth have just moved to Washington D.C. from New York City. Matt, a young political hopeful, hits the ground running by getting involved in Obama’s presidency and trying to find his niche in D.C. circles. Beth, his wife, gets lost in the fray; she doesn’t fit into the world of pearls, suits, and politics. She is lonely and hates everything about D.C., but tries to find her footing as a journalist and writer. In the midst of her misery, Beth meets Ashleigh. Ash is the bubbly Texan wife of a White House staffer, Jimmy, who Matt has befriended. Soon the couples’ lives become enmeshed, and Beth finally feels at home. Over the years, however, their relationships are tested as Jimmy rises in the political ladder while Matt tries desperately–and unsuccessfully–to follow. As ambition, silent rivalry, and disappointment blossom, Beth must confront whether Matt’s ambitions leave room for hers, and she must ask herself what truly makes her happy.

In The Hopefuls, Jennifer Close shows not only the thorny side of marriage, but also the struggles of growing into adulthood and knowing yourself. The complexities of discovering what you want while trying to support and accommodate the needs of your partner are explored deftly and with ease. The Hopefuls also examines the complications of friendship. As time goes by and their circumstances change, Ash and Beth’s relationship changes with it. Close’s look into their relationship is, at times, more fascinating than the question of what will happen in Beth’s marriage.

Jorjeana Marie narrates The Hopefuls with the steady, clear voice we’ve previously heard from her. She naturally captures the personality of each character and the hidden emotions of each. Marie’s narration will make you feel like a part of the tumultuous lives of Beth and Matt, the young hopefuls.

Listen to an excerpt now: The Hopefuls