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Why The Immortalists author Chloe Benjamin loves to listen while she knits

Is there anything better than cozying up with a creative project and a fantastic audiobook? We’re thrilled to welcome author Chloe Benjamin to the PRH Audio blog to share her passion for knitting while indulging in a great story. And her story The Immortalists is one you’ll remember…dare we say, forever? Hear how suddenly knowing the unknowable, thanks to a psychic in 1969, affects the lives of four young siblings in an audiobook that poses the question: If you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life?

Named “a novelist to watch” by The Economist , Chloe Benjamin is receiving glowing reviews for her captivating new novel, which is also a #1 LibraryReads favorite and the #1 Indie Next Pick. And Entertainment Weekly shared the early book buzz last year including TV series news. Scroll down to read Chloe’s guest post and check out her incredible hand-knit creations. And be sure to listen to The Immortalists to carry you through your next project.


author photo credit: Nathan Jandl

Good Listening and Good Knitting Keep Me Company
By Chloe Benjamin

I’ve been a reader and a knitter for as long as I could, well, read and knit, but it’s only in the past few years that my passions have intertwined. Though I used to knit in front of the TV, I was sold when I discovered audiobooks and podcasts. Now I could immerse myself in a story and pay better attention to my stitches–what could be better? There’s truly nothing like the gentle stimulation of listening to a good yarn while knitting with one: I feel both engaged and relaxed, productive and present.

As an author, the experience of hearing my words come alive in someone else’s voice is profound. I love to think of the Golds—the siblings in my novel, who, as children, receive prophecies about the dates of their death—keeping people company during their morning commutes, or while knitting something of their own.

As for me, I know that good listening and good knitting will keep me company as I embark on my book tour. On my list? Mira T. Lee’s Everything Here is Beautiful and Brass by Xhenet Aliu, as well as my favorite podcasts: Strangers; Criminal; Dear Sugar; and Death, Sex & Money, as befitting the author of a book called THE IMMORTALISTS!

Some of Chloe Benjamin’s knitting creations.

Do you listen while you knit? We’d love to see what you create thanks to audiobooks. Tag us on Instagram @prhaudio (photo credit: Nathan Jandl)


Narrator Maggie Hoffman
photo credit: Scott Sherratt

Just like a favorite go-to sweater (perhaps one you’ve knit yourself), Chloe Benjamin’s one-of-a-kind novel (and amazing audiobook) is the perfect fit for any occasion: whether you’re looking to get wrapped up in a family saga, itching for a unique coming-of-age drama, or hoping to add a thought-provoking thread of magic to your day. Press play on THE IMMORTALISTS and unwind with this dynamic force of fiction. And perhaps by the end, you will not only have a new favorite book, but a new favorite sweater/hat/scarf, too.

Listen to an excerpt of THE IMMORTALISTS The Immortalists

THE IMMORTALISTS by Chloe Benjamin is available now on audio read by Maggie Hoffman, as well as in hardcover and e-book from Putnam. Want to learn more? Go “Behind the Pages” to read a fascinating interview between Chloe and her editor, Sally Kim.

Rave Reviews:
“Some novels are portraits, some are page-turning puzzles. Still others are meditations on the mysteries of life. THE IMMORTALISTS, a family story with a twist, is a bit of all of those.”—The Economist

“A moving meditation on fate, faith, and the family ties that alternately hurt and heal.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Benjamin has created mesmerizing characters and richly suspenseful predicaments in this profound and glimmering novel.”—Booklist, starred review