Iron Man: The Gauntlet – An Adventure for All Marvel Fans

Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series, has created a fun and engaging adventure with Marvel’s Iron Man. Listeners young and old will easily be drawn into Tony Stark’s world of gadgets and quips. The story also answers the question that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue—who is Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit?

Tony Stark is on his way to add a bit of his personal charm to an international eco-summit in Dublin as a publicity stunt when he detects something strange from a small island off the coast of Ireland. Although his A.I. Friday warns him not to investigate, Tony Stark is never one to back down from a challenge. Even though he’s only wearing the Party Pack, a stripped down version of his armor, he decides to check out the island. With enemies old and new appearing from every corner, and Tony down a functioning suit, that’s when the true fun begins.

Ari Fliakos is the perfect choice for Tony Stark’s voice. He’s able to easily balance Stark’s snarky nature that is made so apparent in the films, as well as his quiet contemplative side that we don’t see as often. Fliakos maintains a quiet power that is so fun to listen to, as well as giving life to all the other characters throughout the story.

This middle grade story about one of the most popular Avengers characters is one that listeners old and young can appreciate. Iron Man: The Gauntlet is a fun listen filled with great fight scenes and witticisms that will keep you cheering the whole way through. Whether you’re a novice to the Marvel world or an old veteran, this story is a great jaunt into the world of Tony Stark.

Listen to an excerpt from Iron Man: The Gauntlet, read by Ari Fliakos: IRON MAN