Collage of Covers Showing Audiobook Recommendations for National Black Business Month
Lifehack Listens: 8 Audiobooks for Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month! Whether your business is large or small, you’re a budding entrepreneur or leading an established family enterprise, or even if you’re simply looking for insightful advice on career advancement, work-life balance, and financial wellness, August is your time. Check out our audiobook picks written by Black business owners, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists (because It’s About Damn Time), career advisors, thought leaders, and financial specialists (Tiffany “the Budgetnista” Aliche!). You’ll find what you need to support and inspire all your ventures, capital and otherwise.

Get Good with Money is a ten-step plan for finding peace, safety, and harmony with your money—no matter how big or small your goals and no matter how rocky the market might be—written and read Tiffany Aliche, the inspiring and savvy “Budgetnista.”

For most of us, one hot stock tip is not going to change our destinies. What IS going to change our lives are the decisions that we make every day, especially the biggies. In Powershift, bestselling author and star of ABC’s Shark Tank Daymond John reveals how to master the three prongs of influence that lead to meaningful change: reputation, negotiation, and relationships.

From the New York Times bestselling author of I’m Judging You, Professional Troublemaker is a hilarious and transformational book about how to tackle fear–that everlasting hater—and audaciously step into lives, careers, and legacies that go beyond even our wildest dreams.

Hear Luvvie Ajayi Jones talk about professional troublemaking on our This Is the Author podcast.

Social change requires social exchange. Founded on principles of psychology, sociology, management, and behavioral economics, The Conversation is a road map for uprooting entrenched biases. An essential tool for individuals, organizations, and communities of all sizes to jump-start dialogue on racism and bias that lead to concrete actions.

Set Boundaries, Find Peace presents simple-yet-powerful ways to establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. Rooted in the latest research and best practices used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), these techniques help us identify and express our needs clearly and without apology–and unravel a root problem behind codependency, power struggles, anxiety, depression, burnout, and more.

Hear more from Nedra Glover Tawwab on our This Is the Author podcast.

Written and narrated by the CEO and co-founder of Jopwell, the leading career advancement platform for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals, Let Them See You is a collection of Braswell’s straight-talking advice and mentorship for diverse careerists, from college students to mid-level professionals. A must-listen.

In Arlan Hamilton’s podcast Your First Million she goes behind-the-scenes to teach listeners how to achieve success, and in her audiobook It’s About Damn Time she goes even deeper and tells the story of how she broke into the boys’ club of Silicon Valley—and how you too can reach your dreams.

Coming in January 18, 2022. How to Talk To Your Boss About Race is a crucial handbook to moving beyond fear to push for change. No matter how much formal power you have, you can create antiracist change at work.

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