Listen and Cook: Frozen Hot Chocolate and My First Popsicle
Listen and Cook: Chill Out with Frozen Hot Chocolate & My First Popsicle

The trance that good food writing can put me into is what I assume other people feel when they read fantasy novels. I’m transported, fully. A description of a tiered sandwich, directives on chopping vegetables, tales of mishaps in the kitchen? Say less. I’m there.

My First Popsicle, a new anthology curated by actor Zosia Mamet is an ode to food, emotion, and life, that left me nothing short of elated. The writers featured in this anthology are iconic and, while perhaps not regular-degular people like you and me (hello to Patti LuPone), also aren’t chefs. My First Popsicle brings writers, artists, actors, and all-around great minds together, as a good meal should, over the common bond of food memories. Because everyone has food memories, no matter if you’re chef de cusine or someone who eats solely to keep yourself walking around.

My First Popsicle started me thinking about my own food memories, of which there are doezens, but one stood out: the period of my life where I got desperately into frozen hot chocolate.

It echoes what I think is the essence of My First Popsicle (and not just because it’s icy). It’s simple. Laughably easy. But it reminds me of when I would make batches of it in my old apartment for my three roommates during the summers when it was 90 degrees in our living room. We would drink them together and watch Below Deck while sweating on our orange couch, fantasizing about being able to charter a yacht.

And while that yacht dream never came to be, and we all live in different places now, I can always bring myself back with a frozen hot chocolate. Who knew Swiss Miss and oat milk could do that much heavy lifting.

Another joyous thing about food memories: you can always share them. And I’m happy to share Frozen Hot Chocolate Ă  la Erin with you, right here! While you listen to My First Popsicle, pull out your blender and raise a frozen hot chocolate to the snacks that built us.

Pssst! If you munch your way through My First Popsicle, and still have some frozen hot chocolate cravings to satisfy, blend another batch with a couple more food listens that I loved

Author: Amy Thielen
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