Listen and Cook: Zabar's
Listen and Cook: Lilly Zabar’s Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls

New York is Zabar’s…Zabar’s is New York.

Zabar’s began in 1934 as a rented counter in a dairy store where Louis and Lillian Zabar sold smoked fish after immigrating to the United States. Now, after 80 years at 80th Street and Broadway, and after expanding well beyond that rented counter, Zabar’s is a uniquely American institution that honors its immigrant roots, revels in its New York history, and is relentless in its devotion to the art and science of selling gourmet food.

Four generations of Zabars have built their store into what it is today based on principles Louis instilled: “Respect the customer. Never, ever stint on quality. Offer fair value. And last but not least, keep searching for the new and wonderful.”

Even though Zabar’s is known for their smoked fish, babka, and other culinary delights, we’re taking a page out of their family-oriented book and sharing a recipe that’s as home-y as you can get: Lilly’s chicken soup. While Louis, Lilly, and their family acclimated to the United States, chicken soup with matzoh balls evoked memories of childhood warmth and security.

While you’re making schmaltz and chopping veggies, press play on Zabar’s: A Family Story, With Recipes to hear all about how this New York mainstay came to be.

Hear a clip from Zabar’s: A Family Story, With Recipes!

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