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Listen & Cook: Make Spicy Doenjang Chigae from The Korean Vegan Cookbook

In our humble opinion, the reason for the season is not snow or twinkly lights or holiday parties: it’s soup. That’s right! No food says “cozy winter night in ” more than the soup and stew family. Lucky for you listeners, we have just the thing to quite literally spice up your soup rotation: the Spicy Doenjang Chigae from The Korean Vegan Cookbook by Joanne Lee Molinaro.

As you brew up the fermented soybean goodness, listen to the audio adaptation of The Korean Vegan Cookbook and hear exclusive stories from Joanne about love, family, and how deeply food can shape our identities.

“With these stories, it becomes clear that every dish is deeply personal to Molinaro, and by presenting the recipes here, she does more than offer up delicious food — she invites the reader to honor one immigrant family’s story.”–Eater

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