Listen and Cook: Reading Rainbow Bowl from Badass Vegan
Listen & Cook: Make the Reading Rainbow Bowl from Badass Vegan

The Reading Rainbow Bowl: a funky little dish made of kelp noodles and zingy toppings.

Why is it called the Reading Rainbow Bowl? Well, we haven’t asked author and narrator of Badass Vegan John Lewis, but our best guess is that it’s colorful, the brainfood vitamins get you in the mood for something literary, and it’s super fun to construct while listening to an audiobook or two.

Reading Rainbow Bowl

The Reading Rainbow Bowl is rich in nutrients, in the same way that Badass Vegan is rich in knowledge about plant-based lifestyle (and yes, nutrients). While you prep, listen to John Lewis tell you how he went from someone who was once intimidated by whole avocados to going fully plant-based, inspired by food injustice and how the American diet and pharmaceutical industries are failing Black Americans.

Badass Vegan offers an irreverent and eye-opening four-part master plan to help readers shift their mindset and enjoy the massive health benefits and pure pleasures of a plant-based lifestyle.

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