Photo of Musakhan next to text that reads Listen and Cook
Listen & Cook: Making Musakhan for Arab Heritage Month

Lately, I’ve made it a goal of mine to elevate my cooking routine by adopting a different regional cuisine every other week. One week is Korean fare, another is Lebanese delights. If you look inside my overflowing pantry you’d see a mountain of varying spices and herbs from za’atar to gochugaru.

My emboldened culinary pursuits have been partly inspired by my boyfriend, a self-proclaimed amateur chef (he graduated from Le Cordon Bleu!) who enthusiastically jumps at any opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and join me on my Listen & Cook adventures.

To celebrate Arab Heritage Month, I enlisted his help to create a Listen & Cook video highlighting a mouthwatering dish called musakhan from Reem Assil’s Arabiyya cookbook. My boyfriend just so happens to be Arabic (half Syrian to be exact) and so he took it upon himself to act as lead chef, while I, the noble sous chef, filmed from the sidelines. #NameABetterDuo.

The musakhan turned out delectable as expected, and so simple to make! You can check out the full recipe in the Arabiyya cookbook and by clicking here. Happy Arab Heritage Month!

Hear clips from Jasmin’s kitchen listens!

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