Listen and Cook: Perfect Smashed Cheeseburger
Listen & Cook: The Perfect Smashed Cheeseburger from Color Taste Texture

Matthew Broberg-Moffitt, author of Color Taste Texture
Matthew Broberg MoffittI was cautioned against repeated use of the word perfect, but I had to keep this one. It truly is the perfect smashed cheeseburger for me. It contains the ideal amount of meat, cheese, and bun in one bite and knocks my socks off with flavor.”

Classically trained chef Matthew Broberg-Moffitt’s goal is to make food accessible: their new cookbook Color Taste Texture offers solutions to empower the food-averse, the autistic, and the picky eaters during mealtimes.

Color Taste Texture is at once a crash course on food aversion, and a groundbreaking resource for anyone who has ever been called “picky” or “discerning” (or anyone who cooks for them). Instead of leading to mistrust by disguising or trying to slip in foods that the averse don’t want to eat, this cookbook aims to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and a joyful, less stressful experience around the table.

Matthew shared the recipe for the smashed cheeseburger from Color Taste Texture with us (complete with the color-coded guide and keywords found throughout the book), and we have to say…”perfect” just about covers it. Take a look at the ingredients below, and click here for the full recipe.

Press play on Color Taste Texture to learn while you listen and cook: