Listen and Cook: Shabbat by Adeena Sussman
Listen & Cook: Weekend Snacks from Shabbat by Adeena Sussman

As a child, Adeena Sussman looked forward to the magic of Shabbat—the traditional Jewish day of rest—all week. It’s a treasured time when family and friends come together to relax, unwind, and revel in one another’s company during open-ended, and tantalizing meals. In Sussman’s home, then and now, the Shabbat table is a centering force, a nourishing place where one and all are welcome. It’s an opportunity every week to feed the soul.

Shabbat cooking is all about smart techniques, sound prep, and tasty, comforting flavors. We have not one, but two recipes to sare with you from Sussman’s new cookbook Shabbat. Because after all, what’s a drink without a snack and a snack without a drink?

Give Shabbat cooking a try with a dip Sussman calls the “Venn-diagram overlap of easy and delicious” and a margarita perfect for this transitional time of year.

Sip: Pomegranate Sumac Margarita

Snack: Feta, Artichoke, and Pea Dip

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