Listen to Memoirs from Presidents & Vice Presidents

Hear from those who have held the highest offices in the United States in these outstanding audiobook memoirs. From their early lives to their ascent into public office, each of their reflections are inspiring and insightful.

Author: Joe Biden
Read By: Mark Deakins

A New York Times Bestseller. President Joe Biden tells the story of his extraordinary life and career prior to his emergence as Barack Obama’s influential vice president. In Promises to Keep, President Biden shows how the guiding principles he learned early in life are the foundation on which he has based his life’s work as a husband, father, and public servant.

A New York Times Bestseller. With her election to the vice presidency, and previously with her election to the U.S. Senate and her position as attorney general of California, Kamala Harris has blazed trails throughout her entire political career. In The Truths We Hold she traces her journey and the values she holds most dear—those of community, equality, and justice.

For young listeners, see also the Young Readers Edition of The Truths We Hold, read by Robin Miles.

Author: Barack Obama
Read By: Barack Obama

A New York Times Bestseller. In the first audio volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama narrates the story of his improbable odyssey from young man searching for his identity to leader of the free world. A Promised Land captures Barack Obama’s conviction that democracy is not a gift from on high but something founded on empathy and common understanding and built together, day by day.

“President Obama’s distinctively deliberate delivery, singular cadence, and love of words are all fully on display.”
AudioFile, Earphones Award Winner

A New York Times Bestseller. Decision Points is the extraordinary memoir of America’s 43rd president. Shattering the conventions of political autobiography, George W. Bush offers a strikingly candid journey through the defining decisions of his life.

“The production will make listeners feel like the president is paying them a social call while providing exclusive insights into a watershed time in American history.”
AudioFile, Earphones Award Winner

Author: Bill Clinton
Read By: Bill Clinton

A GRAMMY® Award winner. President Bill Clinton’s My Life shows us the progress of a remarkable American, who, through his own enormous energies and efforts, made the unlikely journey from Hope, Arkansas, to the White House—a journey fueled by an impassioned interest in the political process which manifested itself at every stage of his life.