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What We’re Listening To – July 2018 Picks

Recently I indulged myself with a genre that I do not often frequent but now thoroughly enjoy, the medical thriller. This is how I became aware of James Abel (pseudonym of accomplished author and journalist Bob Reiss) and the Joe Rush series. At its core is a two-man team of doctors, Joe Rush and Eddie Nakamura, United States Marines and experts in bioterror and wilderness medicine. There are four books so far in the series, with the most recent, Vector, released in July 2017. I enjoyed this series not just because it’s exciting but because it keeps you wondering with each book, “Can this really happen?”

James Abel, as read by Ray Porter, will have you glued to every word.

With White Plague, we are first introduced to Joe Rush and an absolutely terrifying Arctic ordeal that he and his team must defuse before time runs out.

In Protocol Zero, we’re once again brought to the Arctic to listen to a new adventure with an endless number of twists and turns. Rush and his number two, Eddie, must beat the clock to find what is killing residents of a small town in Alaska.

In Book Three of the series, Cold Silence, James Abel brings us (despite the book’s name) to the warmer climate of Somalia, where Joe and Eddie head to provide assistance to a member of their former military unit.

The latest in the series, Vector, tells the most terrifying this-could-happen tale yet: Joe sets off for the Amazon in search of his partner while, back in the United States, many are becoming sick with a strange new disease that may be related to Eddie’s disappearance.