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What We’re Listening To – November Picks

It’s finally fall (even if it feels like winter), and that means it’s time to use headphones as earmuffs with the bonus of audio content. Need suggestions on what to play? Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

 After listening to Warcross by Marie Lu with its cliff-hanging plot, I needed another audiobook set in the world of video games. Luckily, Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller was recently released. In Otherworld, reality is dead. The game is so incredibly addicting that nobody wants to leave, especially not Simon, our main character. But all good things must end, and when Simon manages to peek behind the curtain into the mysteries of Otherworld, he realizes how dangerous this fun world has become. Jason Segel narrates this twisty, fun adventure, and you’ll be wishing for the sequel as soon as the audiobook ends.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation on Puerto Rico, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has stepped in to help with recovery. Ever since it dropped, I’ve been listening to his track, “Almost Like Praying” non-stop. It has so many great artists on it, including Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, and even Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin rapping at the end (who would’ve thought?). Although Miranda has uploaded the song to almost every streaming site, you can also purchase it from his website, where all proceeds go to HispanicFederation.Org to help hurricane relief.

I really like mythology. Growing up, I used to read D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths’ almost daily, but as I got older, it seemed as though the language in the stories just wasn’t as fun. Enter Myths and Legends, an awesome podcast that has mythologies ranging from Greek to Egyptian, Slavic, and more, all told in a fresh format. If you’re already a fan of myths or are just beginning to explore them now, Myths and Legends is a great place to start.