The Luster of Lost Things: A Delectable Story

The Luster of Lost Things is a simple, sweet story about a boy who excels at finding lost things for everyone but himself.

Walter Lavender Jr. observes. Since his speech disorder makes it hard for him to talk, he watches, and he writes things down. His observation skills make him excellent at finding lost things, from dogs to earrings. When he has to use his sleuthing skills on the magical illustrated book that keeps his family’s bakery running, Walter must embark on a journey through New York City that will have him thinking about the father he never knew and summoning the courage within himself to find his voice.

Walter’s magical journey has an excellent guide in narrator Kirby Heyborne, whose voice captures a feeling of innocence and determination at the same time.

Because the delectable treats described in the book make our mouths water, we’ve paired our favorite characters with our favorite desserts:

Milton – Walter’s constant companion. He’s the lovable, comforting dog that anyone would be happy to have by their side. In dessert form, he’d be a nice big bowl of rich, chocolate pudding. It’s a dessert that has been around for years, is loved by people of all ages, and is still sweet and comforting.

Lucy – Walter’s mom and baker extraordinaire. She has everything under control but is a dreamer at heart. She’d be a Kouign Amann, the Breton cake with a crisp outside and layers of softness and air inside.

Ruby – Artful and slightly morbid, Ruby is a force to be reckoned with. Walter finds his first human friend in Ruby. She’d be a Black Forest cake. The chocolate would echo her dark, deep thoughts; the lengthy time needed to make one of these cakes reflects her art; and the sweetness is, of course, her kindness.

Walter – Because when people look at Walter, they don’t expect him to be a smart, thoughtful person with a calculating mind, he would be a Baked Alaska. It looks like one thing from the outside, but once you cut into it, it’s an entirely different dessert.

Now pick up a sweet treat, and listen to an excerpt of The Luster of Lost ThingsTHE LUSTER OF LOST THINGS