Hear Mary Pope Osborne read Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark

Mary Pope Osborne is the author of many books for children, including novels, picture books, biographies, mysteries, and retellings of Greek, Norse and Celtic Mythology and folk tales. She is probably most well know for her beloved Magic Tree House series. She has written more than 50 titles in the series – and recently created the Magic Tree House Super Edition series which have longer, more complex stories and a slightly higher reading level.

Listening to stories helps children build vocabulary and expand their attention spans. Most important, listening stimulates children’s imaginations. When children listen to stories, they have to create pictures in their minds — they have to “see” the characters, the scenery and costumes. In this way, listeners collaborate with the storyteller to create the world of the story. Listening to stories also motivates small children to learn how to read.

Mary Pope Osborne in the studio.

Mary Pope Osborne in the studio.

Mary also does a lot of research in writing the Magic Tree House titles. Each story is packed with historical facts that will transport listeners back in time and around the world. Children will learn about history while improving their literacy skills, as they adventure with Jack and Annie in this educational and engaging series.

One of the things Mary loves most about the Magic Tree House series is that she gets to record all of the audiobooks for Listening Library!  When she narrates she feels the spell of the story take over and guide her voice. She said:

I become the characters as I speak their lines – whether it’s Jack, Annie, Merlin the magician, an Egyptian queen or fierce pirates. At the end of a recording day, I always feel triumphant – as if I have just traveled with Jack and Annie to a faraway, scary place, accomplished a dangerous mission — and returned home to Frog Creek in time for dinner.

Now, travel back in time to the very first book in the series Dinosaurs Before Dark  (also available on CD as an audiobook collection) and hear how Jack and Annie first discovered the Magic Tree House.

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Publisher Amanda D'Acierno, Mary Pope Osborne, and Audio Producer Orli Moscowitz.

Publisher Amanda D’Acierno, Mary Pope Osborne, and Audio Producer Orli Moscowitz.