Meet the Cast of Lovely War
Meet the Cast: Lovely War

Bestselling author Julie Berry is at it again. She’s written Lovely War, a beautiful historical fiction story; in fact, Kirkus Reviews gave it a starred review calling it, “an unforgettable romance so Olympian in scope, human at its core, and lyrical in its prose that it must be divinely inspired.”

This lush story begins during World War II when Greek goddess Aphrodite is put on trial by her husband Hephaestus. With the help of a few other Greek gods (Apollo, Hades, and Ares), she shares her two favorite love stories that she was a part of during World War I: that of Hazel and James and another between Colette and Aubrey.

Since there are so many voices on the page, it was only natural that many voices bring this audiobook to life. Let’s meet the Lovely War cast:

Jayne Entwistle: “I narrate the role of Aphrodite. Big shoes to fill. Do they get any bigger than a Greek Goddesses? Aphrodite is saucy, mischievous, playful and absolutely dedicated to the humans she has chosen to guide in the art of love. To Aphrodite, it is a gorgeous, sumptuous and at times, heartbreaking art. Throughout the book, Aphrodite recounts to her husband Hephaestus and her lover Ares her two greatest love stories and in so doing, we move back and forth between Aphrodite as storyteller and the rich layered world of her “humans.”

As a narrator, it was a different experience to any other I have had. This is a book with multiple narrators yet within my own portions of the book, I felt as if I myself were multiple narrators. I gave voice to Aphrodite’s story as well as to the stories of Hazel and James, Aubrey and Colete. Julie Berry’s writing has the ability to transport me, to fly me out of the recording booth and settle me down in a church in France, in a music hall in London, into the breaking heart of a young man fighting for his country in 1917. I’m looking forward to listening to this audiobook and to hearing the journeying of my fellow narrators!”

John Lee: “The thing I love about the Greek gods is how very human they are. In Lovely War they are, as always, a bickering family trying to outdo each other in their exploits and take credit for things that might just be a matter of chance and fate—even if Chance and Fate are gods, too. The gods take credit for what may simply be human desire or maybe it’s a mixture of both: the gods are not so much interfering as happening upon a story that’s driven by those odd creatures, the humans. Hades is as self important and boastful as the rest of the gods but I approached him as though he were just another guy with an inflated ego. He’s that loud customer in the restaurant who wants everyone to know the world turns because he got out of bed this morning.”


Dion Graham: “Lovely War is wonderfully romantic tale that touches the soul. I was moved by the playful yet bittersweet journey that the story takes us on. Apollo was a treat. I had a ball bringing him (and Aubrey and Collete’s story) to life. Arguing among the gods, walking with the mortals, all in service of finding our better natures…. A sumptuous feast I’ll savor for a long time.”


Nathaniel Parker: “I read the part of Ares—always fun to play a God! I was genuinely surprised at the subtlety and strength of the writing. The truth of war is rarely approached with such honesty, which means it’s gruesomeness was refreshing. That’s quite a talent and a gift from the author to us. Not hearing the other readers is often a bit unnerving because you don’t know how you fit in, but you just trust the director and get on with it. Exciting.”


Steve West: “What I loved about reading James’s letters to Hazel was the simplicity and innocence of them. That sweetness underpinned by an ever increasing longing for someone he couldn’t be with at that time. As an emotion-led narrator I always love reading work like that.”


Fiona Hardingham: “I play Hazel who is an absolute darling of a character. Julie is a smart and superbly detailed author. Lovely War explores unique points of view creating a gold mine for us actors to pull from. This beautifully romantic story highlights the strength of love and art, reminding us of its infinite power. Oh, and the precious joy of giving and receiving a love letter! It was a pleasure being a part of this story with my fellow narrators and to work again on another Julie Berry wonder.”

Allan Corduner: “I was very taken with Julie Berry’s idea of Greek gods and goddesses in disguise wreaking havoc on earth….Great fun for an actor to read! It reminds me of Shakespeare’s couplet-“as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, They kill us for their sport.” Such resonance in the current political world climate, where self interest rules.”

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Listen to another clip and see what everyone is saying about Lovely War:

“Julie Berry writes the past as if she lived it.” —Jennifer Donnelly, New York Times bestselling author

“Julie Berry pens an utter delight in Lovely War, an effervescent confection of a novel filled with humor, tragedy, romance, and myth. Easily one of the best novels I have read all year!” —Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network

“Poignant…will make readers, by turns, laugh, cry, and swoon.” —The Horn Book, starred review