In Memoriam 2018 silhouette
In Memoriam: Authors We’ve Lost in 2018

As the end of 2018 approaches, there’s a lot to reflect back on, including the passing of many talented authors that we had the pleasure and privilege of publishing: Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Hawking, Peter Mayle, Richard Peck, Burt Reynolds, Anita Shreve, and Tom Wolfe.

The incredible legacies they left behind will continue to delight, educate, and transform us for many years to come.

“Give this one a taste; you’ll be amused, educated, maybe a little horrified, but never bored..” —AudioFile

“Hawking’s final message to readers . . . is a hopeful one.” —CNN

Author: Peter Mayle
Read By: John Lee

“[A] well-loved writer’s contented recap of a life well lived.” —Maureen McCarthy, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A Long Way From Chicago
Author: Richard Peck
Read By: Ron McLarty

“Peck’s conversational style has a true storyteller’s wit, humor, and rhythm.” —School Library Journal

“Reynolds is a true movie star of the old school, a figure of tremendous charm and charisma.” —Kirkus

“Shreve consistently creates complex characters and plots…Then she tells their stories in unobtrusively elegant prose” —The Washington Post

A Man in Full

“Wolfe is a peerless observer, a fearless satirist, a genius in full” —People