New Listens for the Spring Equinox Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How will you be celebrating the Spring Equinox (and thus, the brand new astrological year)? Running and twirling in a field of grass while wearing layers of lace? Dying eggs and planting tulips as far as the eye can see?

Whatever you choose, do it with a little bounce in your step and a fresh new audiobook in your ears.


Don’t tell the other signs, Aries, but you’re really special. I mean it! Who else can boast having top tier fire sign energy AND the honor of being the start of the astrological calendar? Take some classic ram pride in that! It’ll help you feel all kinds of confident.

You should listen to: Professional Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi Jones


Spring cleaning is a cliche for a reason, Bullwinkle. This year, don’t keep your tidying just to your closet–time to swiffer those dust bunnies in your brain and heart! Whether it’s through yoga or meditation or getting your tarot cards read, make sure you’re getting that energy right.

You should listen to: The Happiness Hack by Ellen Petry Leanse


Do you have a strange urge to bake your friends croissants and hand passersby freshly cut flowers? The stars say that you’re especially community oriented lately and looking for all kinds of ways to show it. As long as you’re still making time for yourself, go forth with the confections.

You should listen to: This is How We Fly by Anna Meriano


Look at you crabby, you got GOALS! And you are well on your way to accomplishing them. There’s a little help from the universe, but mostly it’s your highly motivated little claws clack clack clacking away at projects that are making you a verified success. Keep it up!

You should listen to:Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas


It’s hard to believe, but somehow you’re more in the mood for a vacation than usual. As we know, resorts are a no-go at the moment. Break out those rose colored glasses and look at your apartment from a different angle. Suddenly you have a beach club!

You should listen to: My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee


Alright, Virgo, we already know spring cleaning season is your time to shine. After all, when you think “organization” you think “Virgo”. Pop on a fast-paced audiobook and go to town: you’ll feel so light after getting rid of some of the excess knick knacks hanging around your abode that you could just float away.

You should listen to: Mystery Theater 1 by Carl Amari


My oh my libra, you are feeling absolutely moony swoony. Love is in the air and hearts are in your eyes. And while it is tempting to run bouquet first towards your crush, you may want to take a pause and evaluate if they’re the right person for you. Channel this love-lust into your listening while you rationalize.

You should listen to Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher


The stars are saying that you should start developing some habits…some self-care habits that is! They’re just as important as your morning runs or your work schedule. Think of something super nice to do for yourself, and then do it frequently. Habit, settled!

You should listen to: My Epic Spring Break (Up) by Kristin Rockaway


You’ve been feeling a little chilly (even for a fire sign), but with the return of the spring sun so returns your zest for life and fiery creative energy. How are you going to channel it, Sag? Writing poetry, making collages, redoing your entire apartment? Whatever it is, with your renewed joie de vivre, it’s bound to be great.

You should listen to: The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende


You’ve worked really hard on work and your relationships that now it’s time to turn your eye towards the four walls around you! Spring is all about refreshing, and something tells me that you could use some new throw pillows. Consider anything that would make our space feel more like home and treat yourself.

You should listen to: Big Time by Jen Spyra


The stars are saying that it’s time to join a niche club of some kind. You have much knowledge, and it’s time to share it with like-minded people! A cake-eating club perhaps? A traveling checkers game? Nothing could be more spring than brand new friendships.

You should listen to: In the Quick by Kate Hope Day


It may seem obvious: but you should get outside. Yes, it’s nice out, but it’s also incredibly grounding to put your toes in the grass. Take any chance you can get–picnics, tennis games, rambling walks, anything! Take an audiobook with you and always have a friend.

You should listen to: One Life by Megan Rapinoe