Nick Offerman is Full of Gumption

Nick Offerman’s newest book, Gumption, is a delight for your ears and mind. Unlike his debut, Paddle Your Own Canoe, a wonderful memoir about his upbringing and his ideas on what makes a good man, this book is, in his own words, “a mixtape of great Americans.” Offerman chooses twenty-one professionally and historically diverse Americans that he admires, and they all have one important quality in common: gumption.

Some of the highlights include: George Washington, Frederick Douglas, Eleanor Roosevelt, Wendall Berry, Michael Pollen, George Nakashima, Carol Burnett, and Jeff Tweedy–all hardworking people who were passionate about what they did (a virtue that Offerman celebrates in his first book as well). Interspersing history with his opinions on religion, food, woodworking, relationships, and more, Gumption is the perfect blend of nonfiction and Nick Offerman’s brand of humor.

Listen, learn, and, most importantly, chuckle.

Want even more Nick Offerman? Listen to a clip from his first book, Paddle Your Own Canoe:

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