S5 E19 Alex Halberstadt, Esther Safran Foer, Carolyn Forche
On the Podcast: Alex Halberstadt, Esther Safran Foer, and Carolyn Forche

In this episode, meet Alex Halberstadt, author of Young Heroes of the Soviet Union, Esther Safran Foer, author of I Want You to Know We’re Still Here, and Carolyn Forche, author of In the Lateness of the World. Each of these authors has written about their search for hidden histories in the context of world-altering historical events. Listen in and hear what it was like for them to read their audiobooks. Plus, find out whose recording session required them to pronounce words in (at least!) eight languages.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Can trauma be inherited? It is this question that sets Alex Halberstadt off on a quest to name and acknowledge a legacy of family trauma, and to end a century-old cycle of estrangement.

I Want You to Know We’re Still Here is the poignant and deeply moving story not only of Esther’s journey but of four generations living in the shadow of the Holocaust. They are four generations of survivors, storytellers, and memory keepers, determined not just to keep the past alive but to imbue the present with life and more life.

For over four decades, Carolyn Forché’s groundbreaking poems have been testimonies, inquiries, and wonderments. They daringly map a territory where poetry asserts our inexhaustible responsibility to each other. In the Lateness of the World is a revelation from one of the finest poets writing today.

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