This Is the Author S8 E17 Images of Alexandra Auder, John Blake, Emma Lovewell
On the Podcast: Alexandra Auder, John Blake, and Emma Lovewell

In this episode, meet writer and actress Alexandra Auder, author of Don’t Call Me Home, CNN journalist John Blake, author of More Than I Imagined, and Live Learn Lovewell founder Emma Lovewell, author of Live Learn Love Well. Hear these authors talk about the process of narrating their memoirs: from the fascinating life experiences that inspired their work, to conveying those experiences in the recording studio.

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Alexandra Auder’s life began at the Chelsea Hotel—New York City’s infamous bohemian hangout—when her mother, Viva, a longtime resident of the hotel and one of Andy Warhol’s superstars, went into labor in the lobby. In Don’t Call Me Home, Alexandra meditates on the seedy glory of being raised by two counterculture icons, and creates a hilarious and moving portrait of what it means to move away from being your mother’s daughter into being a person of your own.

Author: John Blake
Read By: John Blake

John Blake is an award-winning journalist who grew up as a self-described “closeted biracial person.” The son of a Black man and a white woman who met when interracial marriage was still illegal, Blake knew this much about his mother: she vanished from his life not long after his birth, and her family rejected him because of his race. But at the age of seventeen, Blake had a surprise encounter that uncovered a family secret, launching him on a quest to reconcile with his white family. In More Than I Imagined Blake tells his story, and offers a hopeful blueprint for our difficult times.

Emma Lovewell is a star instructor at Peloton, a global fitness brand, but her journey to success began with a simple realization: Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Filled with surprising insights, charming anecdotes, and never-before-shared moments, Live Learn Love Well is for anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed, who worries there’s too much to change to even get started, or who simply needs a little inspiration to make tomorrow better than today.

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