This Is the Author S6 E71 Image of Ali Nolan, Josiah Hesse, Emily Winter
On the Podcast: Ali Nolan, Josiah Hesse, and Emily Winter

In this episode, meet journalist Ali Nolan, author of Master the Marathon, journalist Josiah Hesse, author of Runner’s High, and comedian Emily Winter, author of One Day Smarter. Listen in as Ali Nolan describes what inspired her to write a marathon training guide for women, Josiah Hesse on how cannabis edibles improved his running routine, and Emily Winter on how to bring more joy into your life by embracing the wonderful world of trivia and little-known facts.

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Author: Ali Nolan and Desiree Linden
Read By: Ali Nolan

Today, women make up almost half of the marathoning population. Yet most marathon training manuals are written by men. And while these men are experts when it comes to how men can and should train, women need training programs tailored to our bodies—to our unique strengths and weaknesses—so that we can avoid injuries and run at our peak. Master the Marathon is a comprehensive guide to marathon training for women at all levels of running—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—that will help you unlock the strength and determination inside you.

Author: Josiah Hesse
Read By: Josiah Hesse

Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind meets Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run in Runner’s High, an immersive, investigative look at the hidden culture of cannabis use among elite athletes (as well as weekend warriors)—and the surprising emerging science behind the elusive, exhilarating “runner’s high” they all seek.

Author: Emily Winter
Read By: Emily Winter

Did you know a group of bunnies is called a fluffle? Or that the people who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life? Dominate trivia night, liven up a date, and impress everyone you know with One Day Smarter, a funny, weird, smart audiobook of little-known facts from comedian Emily Winter.

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