Candice Marie Benbow, Shaka Senghor, and Mallory Ervin
On the Podcast: Candice Marie Benbow, Shaka Senghor, and Mallory Ervin

In this episode, meet theologian and educator Candice Marie Benbow, author of Red Lip Theology, lecturer Shaka Senghor, author of Letters to the Sons of Society, and blogger and influencer Mallory Ervin, author of Living Fully.

Listen in to hear Candice Marie Benbow on Black womanhood from a millennial perspective of faith, Shaka Senghor on the power of leaving a literary legacy for his sons, and Mallory Ervin on choosing the life you want after hard times. Plus, hear what it was like for these authors to record their audiobooks.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Blurring the boundaries of righteous and irreverent, Red Lip Theology invites us to discover freedom in a progressive Christian faith that incorporates activism, feminism, and radical authenticity. Essayist and theologian Candice Marie Benbow explores universal themes and empowers women who struggle with feeling loved and nurtured by church culture.

Shaka Senghor has lived the life of two fathers: his first son, Jay, was born shortly after Senghor was incarcerated, and he experienced regret and the disconnection caused by a society that sees Black lives as disposable. With his second, Sekou, born after Senghor’s release, he has experienced healing, intimacy, and the possibilities of a world where men and boys can openly show one another affection, support, and love. Letters to the Sons of Society is an examination of the bond between father and sons, and a touchstone for anyone seeking a more just world.

Mallory Ervin is known for exuding energy, joy, and laughter. But despite her public accomplishments, Mallory is no stranger to battling unhealthy attachments to success. In Living Fully, Mallory shares her personal story of overcoming the unhealthy and damaging patterns in her life and shows readers how to trade this for something completely new and more rewarding.

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