Connie Wang, Luma Mufleh, and Aurora James
On the Podcast: Connie Wang, Luma Mufleh, and Aurora James

In this episode, meet journalist and editor Connie Wang, author of Oh My Mother!, founder and director of Fugees Family Luma Mufleh, author of From Here, and creative director and fashion designer Aurora James, author of Wildflower. Hear Connie Wang on how a comment from her mom inspired her memoir, Luma Mufleh on coming-of-age, and Aurora James on the assumptions we make about what it takes to affect change (and how to move beyond them!). Plus, learn what it was like for these authors to revisit their work in the recording studio.

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Author: Connie Wang
Read By: Connie Wang

In each essay of the hilarious, heartfelt, and pitch-perfectly honest Oh My Mother!, journalist Connie Wang explores her complicated relationship to her stubborn and charismatic mother through the “oh my god” moments in their travels together. From attending a Magic Mike strip show in Vegas to experimenting with edibles in Amsterdam, this duo ventures into the world to find their place in it.

Author: Luma Mufleh
Read By: Luma Mufleh

With no word for “gay” in Arabic, Luma may not have known what to call the feelings she had growing up in Jordan during the 1980s, but she knew well enough to keep them secret. In From Here, refugee advocate Luma Mufleh writes of her tumultuous journey to reconcile her identity as a gay Muslim woman and a proud Arab-turned-American refugee.

Author: Aurora James
Read By: Aurora James

A slew of fashion-related jobs led Aurora James to discover the power in creating for the runway. As her star was rising in the fashion industry, James posted a revolutionary idea in the wake of George Floyd’s murder that connected economics to racial justice, leading to her founding the Fifteen Percent Pledge, which challenges retailers to commit 15 percent of their shelf space and spending power to Black businesses and is one of the fastest-growing social justice nonprofits. Wildflower is both a riveting memoir and a rallying cry for those eager to make change.

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