Dan Savage, Adam Kurtz, Sandra Wright
On the Podcast: Dan Savage, Adam Kurtz, and Sandra Mariah Wright

In this episode, meet sex advice columnist Dan Savage, author of Savage Love from A to Z, designer and artist Adam Kurtz, author of Things Are What You Make of Them and You Are Here (For Now), and owner of Gallows Hill Witchery Sandra Mariah Wright, author of Lighting the Wick. From questions of sex and love to personal transformation and the joys of discovering the magical energy around you, these authors share a world of insights with listeners.Plus, hear what it was like for each of them to record their audiobook.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Author: Dan Savage
Read By: Dan Savage

America’s premier sex advice columnist Dan Savage takes on edgier-than-ever sex-positive topics with his signature candor in Savage Love from A to Z: a collection of adults-only essays, read by Dan, and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of his “Savage Love” column.

From the creative mind of designer Adam J. Kurtz comes Things Are What You Make of Them, an upbeat rallying cry for creators of all stripes that shares wisdom and empathy from one working artist to others.

When life feels uncertain, or just plain out of control, making intentional choices can help us move forward and find our way. You Are Here (For Now) is full of reflections, encouragement, and insights to help you move from “staying alive” to nurturing and celebrating the person you know you really are.

Whether you would like to take back control in an uncertain world or turn a dollar-store candle into a means to manifest your desires, Lighting the Wick will help transform your life with candle magic.

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