This Is the Author S6 E76 Image of Daniel J. Siegel, David Marvin, Dr. Jacqui Lewis
On the Podcast: Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, David Marvin, and Dr. Jacqui Lewis

In this episode, meet professor of psychiatry Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, author of Becoming Aware, pastor David Marvin, author of We’re All Freaking Out (and Why We Don’t Need To), and creator of the PBS show Faith and Justice, Reverend Jacqui Lewis, author of Fierce Love.

Managing anxiety in daily life is no easy feat, but it is possible. Tune in to hear Dr. Daniel Siegel talk about his workbook for reducing anxiety and cultivating mindfulness, David Marvin on how his experiences as a Christian youth pastor led him to address anxiety through his faith, and Dr. Jacqui Lewis on how “rule-breaking kindness” can heal our divisive culture and soothe the soul. Plus, get the inside scoop on these authors’ experiences recording their audiobooks.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Becoming Aware is a hands-on audio guide to the groundbreaking Wheel of Awareness meditation practice featured in Daniel Siegel’s New York Times bestseller Aware, taking listeners step-by-step through a twenty-one-day journey to discover what it means to be truly present and aware in our daily lives.

Author: David Marvin
Read By: David Marvin

In We’re All Freaking Out (and Why We Don’t Need To), Christian youth pastor David Marvin shares his faith-based insights on how to overcome panic, fear, and anxiety. As listeners are about to discover, you really can stop freaking out.

Inspired by the tenets of ubuntu—the Zulu philosophy that we are each impacted by the circumstances that impact those around us, and that the world won’t get better until we all get better—Fierce Love by Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis lays out the nine daily practices for breaking through our divisive culture and engineering the change we seek.

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