Dr. Marisa G. Franco, Marilyn Singer, and Carla A. Harris
On the Podcast: Dr. Marisa G. Franco, Marilyn Singer, and Carla A. Harris

In this episode, meet University of Maryland professor Dr. Marisa G. Franco, author of Platonic, award-winning children’s author Marilyn Singer, author of Awe-some Days, and Vice Chairman and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley Carla A. Harris, author of Lead to Win. Tune in to hear the vastly different reasons they were inspired to write their books, and the role that human connection plays within each of them.

Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

How do we make and keep friends in an era of distraction, burnout, and chaos, especially in a society that often prizes romantic love at the expense of other relationships? In Platonic, Dr. Marisa G. Franco unpacks the latest, often counterintuitive findings about the bonds between us.

In Awe-some Days, a cheerful, enjoyable poetry collection, a family decides to celebrate every Jewish holiday for a full year, starting with new-year apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashanah all the way to flowers and chocolates on Tu B’Av.

Work has undergone a sea change, introducing a new matrix of concerns and questions for leaders and potential leaders. What does it take to lead effectively now? In Lead to Win, powerhouse Carla A. Harris examines the journey from individual contributor to leader, targets the essential skills necessary to succeed, and examines the key traits of being a transformational leader.

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