This Is the Author S6 E66 Image of Elisa Donovan, Rick Bragg, Nick Davis
On the Podcast: Elisa Donovan, Rick Bragg, and Nick Davis

In this episode, meet actress Elisa Donovan, author of Wake Me When You Leave, columnist and writing teacher Rick Bragg, author of The Speckled Beauty, and writer, director, and producer Nick Davis, author of Competing with Idiots.

Step into the studio and hear Elisa Donovan on how dreams can lead us out of despair, Rick Bragg on how his life was transformed by a poorly behaved stray dog, and Nick Davis on writing a dual biography of the most famous brothers from Hollywood’s Golden Age—who happen to be his grandfather and great uncle. Plus, insights fresh from the recording booth.

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After prominent roles in Clueless and Beverly Hills 90210, Elisa’s career was on the fast track. Until her show was unexpectedly cancelled, her relationship ended, and her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wake Me When You Leave chronicles Elisa’s journey out of despair and heartbreak and will inspire those who are learning to let go after a loss so they can live again with authenticity, humor, and hope.

Author: Rick Bragg
Read By: Rick Bragg

From the best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All Over but the Shoutin’, The Speckled Beauty is the warm hearted and hilarious story of how Rick Bragg’s life was transformed by his love for a poorly behaved, half-blind stray dog.

Author: Nick Davis
Read By: Nick Davis

Competing with Idiots is a fascinating, complex dual biography of Hollywood’s most dazzling—and famous—brothers, and a dark, riveting portrait of competition, love, and enmity that ultimately undid them both.

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