Erwin Raphael McManus, Joan Chittister, and Philip Yancey
On the Podcast: Erwin Raphael McManus, Joan Chittister, and Philip Yancey

In this episode, meet pastor and cultural thought leader Erwin Raphael McManus, author of The Genius of Jesus, nun and activist Joan Chittister, author of The Monastic Heart, and celebrated Christian writer Philip Yancey, author of Where the Light Fell. Hear how Erwin Raphael McManus’ lifelong study of Jesus as well as the concept of “genius” inspired him to write his book, how Sister Joan Chittister wanted to rouse a dialogue and sense of contemplation in her readers and listeners with her work, and how Philip Yancey hopes his story is for everyone, wherever they may be on the religious spectrum.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

The Genius of Jesus is a groundbreaking manifesto decoding the phenomenon of genius through the life of Jesus of Nazareth, revealing the untapped potential within every human being—from the bestselling author of The Artisan Soul, The Last Arrow, and The Way of the Warrior.

Activist, nun, and esteemed spiritual voice Joan Chittister sounds the call to create a monastery within ourselves in The Monastic Heart: to cultivate wisdom and resilience so that we may join God in the work of renewal, restoration, and justice right where we are.

In Where the Light Fell, a searing meditation on the bonds of family and the allure of extremist faith, one of today’s most celebrated Christian writers recounts his unexpected journey from a strict fundamentalist upbringing to a life of compassion and grace.

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