Gary White and Matt Damon
On the Podcast: Gary White & Matt Damon

In this special episode of This Is the Author, meet actor Matt Damon and water expert and engineer Gary White, who are the founders of nonprofits and WaterEquity, and co-authors of The Worth of Water. Listen in as these two unlikely allies discuss writing their book, telling the stories of those effected by the global water crisis, and offering solutions to solve the crisis within our lifetime.

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Author: Matt Damon and Gary White
Read By: Matt Damon and Gary White

In The Worth of Water, Gary White and Matt Damon take us along on their journey to ending the global water crisis for goodÔÇötelling stories as they uncover insights, try out new ideas, and travel between the communities they serve and the halls of power where decisions get made. With humor and humility, they illuminate the challenges of launching a brand-new model with extremely high stakes: better health and greater prosperity for people all over the world.

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