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On the Podcast: In Conversation with Emily Neuberger, author of A Tender Thing

Welcome to another episode of This is the Author in Conversation, a more intimate behind-the-mic chat with our authors in the audiobooks studio.

This is Jennifer Rubins from Penguin Random House Audio, and I’m thrilled to invite you into my conversation with Emily Neuberger, the author of A Tender Thing, a beautiful debut novel set under the dazzling lights of late 1950s Broadway. I should mention this was recorded right before Broadway went dark due to the COVID-19 crisis, and before we were quarantined to our respective homes, so Emily and I were able to be together in a studio to talk about what it means to be a theatre person, the unique challenge of writing and then recording lyrics from a fictional musical, and of course learn more about her debut novel and why she wanted to narrate it. Her book has since been named by Playbill.com as one of 11 Books for Theatre Lovers to Read in Spring 2020 and it’s definitely a way for us all to be able to experience a bit of Broadway magic at home right now.

I should also add—as you’ll learn—that not only is Emily an MFA graduate and grant recipient at Brooklyn College’s fiction program, she’s also a talented performer and trained vocalist. She’s even performed at Carnegie Hall in Stephen Schwartz’s birthday celebration and she once sang for Stephen Sondheim at the Music Institute of Chicago. Wow. So listen in as Emily and I discuss A Tender Thing, then hear a clip from the audiobook.

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Now listen to a clip of the audiobook:

Pulsing with the vitality and drive of 1950s New York, Emily Neuberger’s enthralling debut immerses readers right into the heart of Broadway’s Golden Age, a time in which the music soared and the world was on the brink of change.

Emily and Jen behind the mic

Emily Neuberger in the studio with Jen Rubins

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