George Saunders and Kelly Gildea in Conversation
On the Podcast: In Conversation with George Saunders and Audio Director Kelly Gildea

Welcome to another episode of This is the Author in Conversation, a more intimate behind-the-mic chat with our authors in the audiobooks studio. Today you’ll meet beloved, award-winning author George Saunders, and Sr. Executive Producer at Penguin Random House Audio, Kelly Gildea, who also produced and directed George’s many audiobook productions.

Recording an audiobook can be a singular creative experience for an author—and equally so for their listeners and fans. What’s perhaps even more unique is when writers have the opportunity to narrate multiple titles from their own backlist—books that have been previously published that are coming afresh to audio.

Listen in as George and Kelly discuss their longtime collaborations, the difference between a really good director and the alternative, and the temptations to edit one’s own work from the audio studio. And of course, the epic recording that was Lincoln In the Bardo. Plus, hear how George has integrated his own original music in ways even he didn’t expect, and hear a clip from The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil.

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