This Is the Author S7 E12 Image of Jennie Allen, Lara Hodgson, Todd Kashdan
On the Podcast: Jennie Allen, Lara Hodgson, and Todd Kashdan

In this episode, meet IF: Gathering founder Jennie Allen, author of Find Your People, President and CEO of NOW Corp Lara Hodgson, co-author with Stacey Abrams of Level Up, and psychologist Todd Kashdan, author of The Art of Insubordination. Hear Jennie Allen on the lost art of making friends, Lara Hodgson on helping small and underrepresented businesses thrive, and Todd Kashdan on how to find your voice and rebel against an unhealthy status quo.

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Author: Jennie Allen
Read By: Jennie Allen

In Find Your People, bestselling author Jennie Allen draws on insights from her Christian faith, science and history, and vulnerable stories from her own life to help listeners discover how to overcome the barriers to making new friends and experience the full wonder of community.

Like many business owners, renowned politician Stacey Abrams didn’t start a business because she dreamed of calling herself an entrepreneur: her part-time post as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives necessitated striking out on her own. Then, Stacey and her friend Lara Hodgson launched an infrastructure advisory firm, and then another business, and then another. In Level Up, Stacey and Lara arm listeners with the confidence and know-how to overcome the obstacles that hold businesses back.

For too long, the term insubordination has evoked negative feelings and mental images. But for ideas to evolve and societies to progress, it’s vital to cultivate rebels who are committed to challenging conventional wisdom and improving on it. Based on cutting-edge research, The Art of Insubordination is the essential guide for anyone seeking to be heard, make change, and create a world with more justice, creativity, and courage.

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