Jesse Leon and Mimi Zhu
On the Podcast: Jesse Leon and Mimi Zhu

In this episode, meet social-impact consultant Jesse Leon, author of I’m Not Broken, and writer and artist Mimi Zhu, author of Be Not Afraid of Love.

Listen to hear the deeply personal reasons they wrote their books, how recording their audiobooks allowed them to express themselves fully, and the numerous ways they hope their work will inspire and help others.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Author: Jesse Leon
Read By: Jesse Leon

I’m Not Broken, an unflinching and inspiring memoir from Jesse Leon, shines a light on a childhood spent devastated by sex trafficking, street life, and substance abuse and tells an extraordinary story of resilience and survival.

Author: Mimi Zhu
Read By: Mimi Zhu

In their early twenties, Mimi Zhu was a survivor of intimate-partner abuse. This left them broken, in search of healing and ways to re-learn love. Be Not Afraid of Love is a collection of powerful interconnected essays and affirmations that explores the intersections of love and fear in self-esteem, friendship, family dynamics, and romantic relationships, and extends out to its effects on society and the greater political realm.

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