S5 E17: Jim McKelvey, Hope Jahren, Courtney Carver
On the Podcast: Jim McKelvey, Hope Jahren, and Courtney Carver

In this episode, meet Jim McKelvey, author of The Innovation Stack, Hope Jahren, author of The Story of More, and Courtney Carver, author of Project 333. Step into the audio studio with these authors as they talk about both innovation and how we can all do more with less, and what it means to incorporate that new thinking into our daily lives.

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Author: Jim McKelvey
Read By: Jim McKelvey

From the cofounder of Square, an inspiring and entertaining account of what it means to be a true entrepreneur and what it takes to build a resilient, world-changing company. McKelvey’s fascinating and humorous stories of Square’s early days are blended with historical examples of other world-changing companies built on the Innovation Stack to reveal a pattern of ground-breaking, competition-proof entrepreneurship that is rare but repeatable.

Author: Hope Jahren
Read By: Hope Jahren

In The Story of More, award-winning scientist Hope Jahren illuminates the link between human habits and our imperiled planet. At once an explainer on the mechanisms of global change and a lively, personal narrative given to us in Jahren’s inimitable voice, The Story of More is the essential primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who hears it.

In Project 333, minimalist expert and author of Soulful Simplicity Courtney Carver takes a new approach to living simply—starting with your wardrobe. With tips, solutions, and a closet-full of inspiration, this life-changing minimalist manual shows listeners that we are so much more than what we wear, and that who we are and what we have is so much more than enough.

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