This Is the Author S6 E46 Joyce Scott, Areli Morales, Vanessa Brantley-Newton
On the Podcast: Joyce Scott, Areli Morales, and Vanessa Brantley-Newton

In this episode, meet educator and poet Joyce Scott, author of Unbound: The Life & Art of Judith Scott, educator and DACA Dreamer Areli Morales, author of Areli Is a Dreamer, and author and illustrator Vanessa Brantly-Newton, author of Becoming Vanessa. Listen in as each of these authors describes the inspiration behind their children’s books and why it’s important to share stories to uplift and engage all children.

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Listen to clips from the audiobooks mentioned in this episode:

Judith Scott was born with Down syndrome. She was deaf, and never learned to speak. She was also an immensely talented artist, and her work is displayed in museums and galleries around the world. Poignantly written and read by Judith’s twin sister Joyce Scott, Unbound shows listeners how we can soar beyond our perceived limitations and accomplish something extraordinary.

In Areli Is a Dreamer, the first picture book written by a DACA Dreamer, Areli Morales tells her own powerful and vibrant immigration story. This is a moving audiobook about one girl living in two worlds, a girl whose DACA application was eventually approved and who is now living her American dream.

Becoming Vanessa will help kids just starting school transform from timid caterpillars into beautiful butterflies so they can love who they are. On Vanessa’s first day of school, her parents tell her it will be easy to make friends. Vanessa isn’t so sure. But when her mother tells her the meaning behind her name, it gives her the confidence she needs to introduce her classmates to the real Vanessa.

Plus, check out Grandma’s Purse and Just Like Me, also written and read by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

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